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InkAsphalt is a new generation outdoor print media for application to asphalt, concrete and textured surfaces. This unique product has a patented aluminum foil base and glue that provides exceptional adherence to rough surfaces. The non-slip surface (CSIRO R11) is approved for outdoor use and is “drive over” tough. InkAsphalt is a ‘one step’ print process, and requires no over-laminate.

Features and Benefits

  • “Drive over” tough
  • Highly conformable
  • Approved non-slip surface
  • Brilliant print quality
  • Painted on appearance
  • No over-lamination required
  • Fast installation/removal


  • Asphalt
  • Paving
  • Concrete
  • Textured walls


  • 3-4* months for smooth surfaces (i.e concrete or pavers)
  • 4-6* weeks for highly textured surfaces (i.e asphalt)


  • 12 months +

*Conditions apply.


March 21, 2017



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