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InkWalk is a revolutionary new floor media designed for application to carpet. Ideal for exhibition and retail, InkWalk comes with a built in textured non-slip surface (CSIRO R11) so it does not require an over-laminate. Printed colours are up to 20% more vibrant than regular floor decals. InkWalk can also be applied to smooth surfaces outdoors, such as concrete and porous stone.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for low pile carpet
  • Suitable for some smooth surfaces outdoors. i.e polished concrete
  • Approved non-slip surface
  • Brilliant print quality
  • No over-lamination required
  • Fast installation
  • Faster removal


  • Indoor carpet (low pile/ tight knit)
  • Indoor/outdoor concrete


  • Floor: 1-6 months (depending on traffic volume)
  • Wall: 12 months +

March 21, 2017



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